July 31, 2021

DMW Rapper, Lil Frosh Allegedly Beats His Girlfriend (Graphic Photos)

artiste, Lil Frosh was reported to have beaten his Girlfriend to pulp.

Allegedly Beats His Girlfriend) Reporting the situation, a brother of the lady reported the abuse and stated how brutally the upcoming artiste continuously abuses, and beats up his sister.

The girl who has suffered a great loses in the hands of the upcoming rapper is yet to react to the incident after she was allegedly admitted to an hospital following the violence.

was accused of slaving the lady asking to cut all ties with friends, unlawfully detaining in the house and making loose modelling jobs, amidst other bad doings.

See screenshot below:- Allegedly Beats His Girlfriend

At the time of filling this report, a close source to told us this is not the first time beats up the lady. Amidst all that happens, she still makes way back to him for reconciliation.

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He further said is either being intoxicated by his little fame or small riches he his getting and how bitter he feels when it happens.

This time, it’s way brutal as he beats with Mop sticks and other heavy punches as if it is a riot.

See the chats below:-

Although, we have not heard any official press release from and his camp. Probably he is still getting reprimanded by his associates.

But one thing is certain, This will be an avenue for another controversy from as a whole.

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One thought on “DMW Rapper, Lil Frosh Allegedly Beats His Girlfriend (Graphic Photos)

  1. If truly this happen ehn… Shey Lil frosh dey madt ni. So what if he eventually get married legally. What’s gonna happen along the line. Real men don’t beat women no Matter what. #Lil frosh @Lil frosh

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