September 25, 2021

How the Celeb Stopover Show is Already Shaping Entertainment Globally

Always a fun conversation with trendy celebrities around the world as proves to be everything and more, essentially a spot-on chitchat with sensational KennisFM host Ife Ajagbe, about everything from Music, Movies, Sports, Politics to World news.

Akin Alabi and

Progressively evolving since inception days of Tweet chat back in 2017, before walk in sessions with guests and now proudly thriving across 3 radio stations in Nigeria, continues to enjoy recognition by notable publications as the fastest rising online TV show in Africa.

and Kenny Ogungbe

With beginnings at Gold FM Osun state and a productive stint at Metro FM Lagos, where the concept fully kicked off with the assist of and Uche Uwadinachi, this radiant radio frontliner and one half of Africa’s biggest music directory has been quite the busy Bee- dripping a long way since hosting

Marco Foster

American sensations Marco Foster, Lyriq Tye & Gianni Blu throughout 2019 to varied 2020 conversations with entertainment superstars including Akin Alabi, DJ Coublon, Aduke, CKay, GT da GuitarMan and rock goddess Clay to name a few
Fiokee. Clay. Aduke. CKay. Jay Charles. GT da Guitarman. Akin Alabi. Koffi. Aramide. DJ Coublon. Bigiano. Wizboy. amidst other broadcasting related activities which has earned the enviable spot of Radio Queen.

Lyriq Tye

Colorful answers and original vibes from guests on the show, plus Ife’s meme-looking disposition during conversations combine to make everybody’s stop for first hand celebrity gist and timeout with biggest names in the entertainment industry. Reactive comments from audience and off the charts replies by witty guests also contribute to the flavor that is Celeb Stopover. Usually hosted at the DreamOut in Lagos until struck, is available on YouTube, Bridge98.7FM, Crest 87.7FM and Lead City 89.1FM.

As GT da GuitarMan and Ckay’s asserting conversation take lead in number of recent views, Aduke Omo Baba Dokita continues to enjoy the most reviews with perceptible analysis of life and trends, leading to a thrilling guitar rendition of “In My Shoes” from much anticipated Peace & Light album which quickly hit over 10k Boomplay hits within its first week of release. Also Aramide’s incidental anniversary, Akin Alabi’s creativity and Woju guitarist- Fiokee’s mainstream entry amongst other notable happenings confirm to be a one stop hub, so Follow the Fun Today.

Wunmi Obe of TWO and


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