September 18, 2021

Rudeboy Tests Positive For The Covid-19, Shares Frightening Experience

Sensational singer, tested positive for the dreadful coronavirus and he has taken to social media to share his experience.

Rudeboy Tests Positive For The Covid-19 Shares Frightening Experience) According to him, he has been dealing with the illness for over 10 days and it’s not a pleasant one. The singer urged “ignorant” people to pay attention to the disease and be careful as it is very real.  Taking to his Twitter, he wrote: “ATTENTION!!! F*ck it !!! Covid is REAL !!! I know as typical or African is very hard to believe ?? some will say “experience is the best teacher ??????????????? oh well , the experience and the teacher has visited me and they’ve been dealing with me for more than 10days now ? sh*t is not funny …..

worst sickness ever!!! …… y’all better be careful out there ??? if you like believe me , if you like don’t believe me ????? you can as well wait for your own experience by playing ignorance ?????Goodluck ?????God help us all ?.”

Tests Positive For The Covid-19 Shares Frightening Experience

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